SOON more speed cameras/ Stationary ATK boxes (stærekasser) on the way to Danish roads. Yes, there could be potentially soon be more Photo vans or called Stationary ATK speed boxes on the way to Danish roads, according to the Council for Safe Traffic.

In October, a survey conducted for the Traffic Council showed that seven out of ten motorists want more speed control. It was made among 5023 motorists.

Presently, the Stationary ATK boxes are located at 11 locations in total distributed across Denmark. Out of 11, at 9 of the locations measurements are made in both directions of travel and 2 of them measurements are made in only one direction of travel.

Example: Two Stationary ATK boxes were setup in Grenåvej in Risskov near Aarhus in October 2018, since then 4101 fines have been imposed bringing 7.108.500 fine krone. This is shown by fresh figures from the National Police (Rigspolitiet) which TV2 Østjylland has gained insight info.

BELOW are the 11 locations where Stationary ATK boxes located in Denmark:

    • Roskildevej, Albertslund Kommune
    • Måløv Byvej, Ballerup Kommune
    • Tjæreborgvej, Esbjerg Kommune
    • Gaabensevej, Nykøbing Falster, Guldborgsund Kommune – kun 1 kørselsretning
    • Sæbyvej, Hjørring Kommune
    • Aalborgvej, Aabybro, Jammerbugt Kommune
    • Vilsundvej, Nykøbing Mors, Morsø Kommune
    • Bogensevej, Odense Kommune – kun 1 kørselsretning
    • Herningvej, Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune
    • Slagelse Landevej, Rosted, Slagelse Kommune
    • Grenåvej, Risskov, Aarhus Kommune


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