On 1 January, DSB put 500,000 Orange tickets on sale for a maximum of DKK 99.

The many cheap tickets can be bought for trips from 16 January to 28 February – so you can also get away cheaply during the winter holidays. The ticket must only be purchased no later than 4 days before departure.

Travel on an adventure with Orange tick for a maximum of DKK 99. Buy a tick now for journeys from 16 January to 28 February. So, DSB have put 500,000 Orange tickets on sale, you just have to buy your ticket no later than 4 days before departure and no later than 22 February. If you want to be sure of a seat for your entire journey, you can buy a seat ticket that costs DKK 30, regardless of how long your journey.

There are most Orange tickets on departures where there is plenty of space on the train, e.g. outside rush hour. The tickets go on sale approx. two months before the date of travel. The earlier you book, the more departures you have to choose from.


Conditions on getting travel cheaply with DSB Orange:

✔    The earlier you buy, the more departures at the good price.

✔    Put up for sale approx. two months before the date of travel.

✔     Applies to a specific departure.

✔    Cannot be changed, canceled or refunded.

✔    An adult can take  two children under 12 for free. Children 12-15 years old get a 50% discount.


Remember is also called DSB Orange Fri: Bit expensive than DSB Orange, but DSB Orange Fri gives more benefits than the DSB Orange ticket like, you still get a ticket at lower price than DSB Standard and Rejsekort – also close to departure – but unlike the Orange ticket, you can get your money back for upto 30minutues before departure.


Find your Orange tickets:  Click here


Source: dsb.dk



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