GOODBYE… Restrictions are GONE from 1st February

Restrictions are gone from Today…

Yes, from today 1st of February, the authorities no longer assess that coronavirus is so dangerous to society that it is a socially critical disease. So, everyday life will be changed significantly.

Get an overview of the changes:

FACEMASK: From 1st February, there is no longer a requirement for a facemask in shops, public transport and a number of other places. But, there will be some places to use facemask like visiting hospitals.

CORONAPASS: It’s like a facemask, from 1st February it’s no need for a corona passport requirement. However, its recommended for hospitals and ongoing abroad.

SPECTATORS and LIMITATION: No space restrictions, no divided halls, and so on. So, now it’s over with restrictions on how many participants there may be for concerts, football matches, theater, and all other events.

NIGHTCLUBS: From 1st February, nightclubs are allowed to open including bars, restaurants. This allows to sell alcohol at night.

NOTE: from 1st February, the corona restrictions will be lifted and goodbye to facemasks and hand sanitizer. But there is still a very violent spread of infections in society, which has, among other things resulted in more than one in ten Danes being infected with coronavirus in January. So, still several places you will see the corona rules, even it’s not on paper now.

Example: Stores like Rema, Salling Group, COOP will still be a number of corona rules that Danes are already used to (Information from TV2).

Infection Prevention Advice:

– Get vaccinated

– Stay home and get tested if you get symptoms

– Keep distance

– Ventilate and create draft

– Wash hands frequently or use rubbing alcohol

– Clean-especially on surfaces that many touch

Source: National Board of Health,,



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