All restrictions will disappear in Denmark from 10 September 2021!!!

The government will not extend the categorization of covid-19 as a socially critical disease in Denmark.

The current categorization of covid-19 as a socially critical disease will end on September 10, 2021. The government has decided not to extend this categorization. This is partly due to the large vaccination support, and partly to the strong epidemic control.

The decision not to extend covid-19’s status as a socially critical disease was made after involving the professional reference group, the Epidemic Commission and the health authorities.

Categorization as a socially critical disease is what has made it possible to introduce a number of the special rules, we have had in dealing with covid-19, such as assembly bans, coronapas requirements and bandages requirements.

When the categorization ceases, it therefore means that a number of provisions in the Epidemic Act no longer apply. This means, among other things, that the remaining restrictions in the reopening agreement from June 2021 will end, as there will no longer be a legal basis to maintain them. These are specific requirements for corona passes in connection with certain major events and in the nightlife.

Minister of Health Magnus Heunicke states:

“The epidemic is under control, we have record high vaccination rates. Therefore, on September 10, we can drop some of the special rules we have had to introduce in the fight against covid-19. The government has promised not to hold on to the measures any longer than was necessary, and there we are now. But even though we are in a good place right now, we are not out of the epidemic. And the government will not hesitate to act quickly if the pandemic again threatens important functions in our society.” – Engish translation from google.




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