The world is transforming. The way we work is changing, the way we live is changing. Everything is moving towards becoming more digital. As the world changes the one thing that remains the same is that people are still people. People are still looking to improve their quality of life. This is especially true when it comes to the quality of life of people in Denmark. This blog will look at the digital quality of life in Denmark.

A new study on the quality of life in Denmark found that digital life is on the rise. As per Surfshark’s survey of its annual Digital Quality of Life (DQL) index, Denmark has been taken the top position again in the index for the second year in a row, followed by South Korea, Finland, and Israel.

The top 10 countries on the Digital Quality of Life (DQL) index are Denmark (1), South Korea (2), Finland (3), Israel (4), United States (5), Singapore (6), France (7), Switzerland (8), Germany (9) and United Kingdom (10).

How is the Digital Quality of Life (DQL) Index calculated?

Digital Quality of Life (DQL) Index is calculated on five core pillars: Internet Affordability, Internet Quality, E-infrastructure, E-security, E-government.

Internet Affordability:

Internet Affordability has been measured on time of work to afford the cheapest mobile and broadband internet.

Top 5 Most and Least Affordable Internet

Internet Quality: 

Internet Quality has been measured on Mobile speed, Broadband speed, Mobile internet stability, Broadband internet stability, Mobile Speed Improvement and Broadband speed improvement.

Top 5 Best and Worst Internet Quality

Electronic Infrastructure

Electronic Infrastructure has been measured on individuals using the internet, and network readiness.

Top 5 Most and Least development e-infrastructure:

Electronic Security

Electronic Security has been measured on Cybersecurity and data protection laws.

Top 5 highest and lowest e-security

Electronic Government

Electronic Government has been measured on the online service index and AL readiness.

Top 5 Most and Least e-government

Overview of the Leaders in each pillar below:




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