LEGO HOUSE well knows as Home of the Brick, inspiration for Lego House  originated in the Lego idea House which is located on the main street in Billund. So, LEGO House is a unique experience house located at the center of Billund, Denmark. Its is the world’s best play deal for the whole family, building will allow LEGO fans of all ages to feel the magic of the LEGO universe and ultimate LEGO experience. Sea of LEGO bricks will greet children and adults alike, inviting them to unleash their creativity.

LEGO HOUSE reopens on April 23rd after COVID break. Its opens with a brand new mission in Robo Lab, spring like activities and other fresh news and of course fun at a good distance.

LEGO HOUSE offer a variety of experiences to its visitors and they have four colour coded experience zones created. RED, GREEN, BLUE and YELLOW zone. RED zone is dominated by a hige brick waterfall and offers free building opportunities with Lego bricks. GREEN zone figures universes and the stories to simulate social. BLUE zone with cognitive skills by solving problems and handle challenges. YELLOW zone gives really express with bricks which develops emotional skills.

IMPORTANT POINTS to have SAFE experience in LEGO HOUSE from April 23rd :

  • Buy tickets prior to visit, since its limited capacity. Purchase through ONLINE and you will have discount. This also applies to annual pass holders.
  • VALID CORONA PASS: If you’re 15years old above are able to present a valid corona passport and ID.
  • Corona passport as evidence of whether you have been vaccinated, previously infected or tested negative in the last 72 hours.
  • KIND OF CORONA TEST: Both PCR and quick tests (antigen tests) can be used.
  • CORONA PASSPORT DOESNOT APPLY TO: Children under the age of 15, persons who for medical reasons, persons who as a results of a physical or mental disability.

ADDRESS: Ole Kirks Plads 1, 7190 Billund, Denmark

PARKING: Hovedgaden 24, 7190 Billund



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Source:  legohouse.com

LEGO House facts:

  • The building will be 12,000 m2. On the ground floor there is a state-of-the-art LEGO brand store, three restaurants, conference facilities, and a 2,000 m2 public square. The first and second floors are part of the paid experience area featuring four unique play zones. The company’s story will be told in the History Collection located in the basement, while the Masterpiece Gallery with fan creations will be located on the top store
  • The experience zones are arranged according to colour. Each colour represents a certain aspect of a child’s learning. Red is creative. Blue is cognitive. Green is social. Yellow is emotional. Each zone consists of a number of individual activities and attractions to actively engage guests.
  • LEGO House is also for non-paying guests who can enjoy the three outdoor public squares and the 2,000 m2 indoor LEGO Square. The restaurants & brand store will be available to the public and it will be possible to walk to the top of the building to enjoy the view and the play activities on the terraces.
  • LEGO House expects approximately 250,000 guests per year and about 2,500 guests on a peak day. Guests are expected to come from all over the world – mainly families, but also school children, LEGO employees and AFOLS (Adult Fans of LEGO).
  • There are 21 different boxes balanced on one another. The box on the very top of the building is called the Keystone and has the exact same proportions as a 2×4 LEGO brick.
  • The facade is covered with clay tiles to give the illusion that the building is built out of LEGO bricks.
  • 1,900 tons of steel have been used in the construction, which is an enormous amount of steel compared to other buildings this size. This huge amount of steel was needed to pull off one of the building’s main design features: 21 different boxes are carried by a steel bridge over the 2,000 m2 LEGO Square to give the space an airy, open feeling without any visible columns.
  • When arriving by air, guests will be greeted by eight pillars of light – representing the eight stubs on a 2×4 LEGO brick. Denmark’s second biggest airport is located just ten minutes away from the LEGO House.
  • The combination of LEGO® House and LEGOLAND® will make Billund, Denmark the only place in the world where guests can get the ultimate LEGO experience.



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