LONG WAITING TIME FOR DRIVING TESTS…. Driving Schools reopen after Easter

As part of the agreement on the reopening of Denmark, the driving schools will open after Easter.

As a result of the recently concluded framework agreement on a long-term plan for the reopening of Denmark, driving schools across country inline with the other liberal service professions can open after Easter on 6th April 2021.

This means that current and future driving students can resume and start the theoretical as well as the practical driving lessons.

“It is really good that the driving lessons can start again. We have continuously made sure to adjust the deadlines so that the students are not pinched, and I am sure that both the industry and the students are ready to get on the roads again”, says Minister of Transport Benny Engelbrecht

The detailed rules and restrictions, such as use of sanitary napkins and coronapas, will be published as soon as possible and before the reopening of the profession.

Driving and theory tests were canceled across the country on 12 December. Since March 10, however, it has been possible to resume teaching for students on Bornholm.

As per JydskeVestkysten News dated on 29-03-2021:

“Soon, students at the country’s driving schools will once again have the opportunity to pass their tests. However, they can risk up to two months waiting time for the tests, as during the shutdown period, people have appeared who have to regain the card.”

According to the newspaper, this is due to a combination of the fact that many students have had their driving tests postponed during the recent closure, while at the same time many have had to regain their driving license after losing it.

Its not only the driving test long waiting list, the liberal professions reopen throughout the country after Easter 6th April, so, Hairdressers, masseurs and tattooists have felt the great demand in their service areas in the last three months, so the individual clinics and salons have to start from one end on their long waiting lists.

Source: trm.dk, jv.dk



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