From Today ie., Monday 29.11.2021, Denmark will again have to facemasks in everyday situations. This applies when shopping in the supermarket and also if using public transport.

For several weeks, the infections have been growing in Denmark and also reached more than 4000people per day. These all restrictions intend to try to limit the spread of corona infection in society.

Let’s get overview of the restrictions that applies from Monday Morning:


    • Shops and Businesses: The retail trade, including in department stores, grocery stores, shopping malls, department stores, arcades, bazaars, indoor markets and take-away places. However, employees will be exempt from the requirement if the company requires that employees have a valid corona passport.
    • Health sector: Visitors, patients and staff at public and private hospitals and clinics, the practice sector and municipal health services.
    • Public Transport: including bus, train, light rail, metro, ferry and taxi. This requirement also applies to terminals and airports. However, employees will be exempt from the requirement if the company requires that the employees have a valid corona passport.
    • Travel: These requirements for the use of facemask for domestic flights in Denmark. In addition, there are requirements for the use of a facemask for visitors at the airport. All passengers must therefore wear a face mask throughout the journey, both at the airports and on the plane.


    • Antigen test: Now its 48hours valid, previously 72 hours.
    • PCR Test: Now its 72 hours, previously 96 hours.


    • Restaurants and nightlife: Restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, discos, party buses with alcohol serving. Takeaway places and indoor dining such as warm rooms, hostels, nursing homes, etc. is, however, exempt from corona pass requirements.
    • Workplaces: Companies can demand corona pass from their employees, and from November 26, 2021, it is a requirement for state employers to require corona pass from employees. Corona passes are also required for employees in the regions.
    • Education: Higher education, youth and adult education and language centers.
    • Liberal service professions with personal contact: Liberal service professions that involve close physical contact (tattooists, piercings, spas, body care, beauty and massage clinics, hairdressers, etc.), staffed solariums as well as driving schools and driving tests.
    • The Danish National Church and other denominations, conferences etc.,: If the organizer does not ensure that there are 100 or fewer spectators / participants indoors or 1,000 or fewer spectators / participants outdoors, use corona pass in the following places: Congregational events, Conferences, fairs, lectures, worship services and religious acts such as baptisms, weddings and funerals.
    • Healthcare: Employees and visitors to hospitals, in elderly care and social services. Close relatives, lawyers, guardians and the like are excluded.
    • Larger assemblies: Locations where there are over 100 indoors and / or 1000 outside. It can be, for example, in the cinema, services, concerts, zoos, etc.
    • Prisons and jails: Visitors to prisons and detention centers must be able to present a corona passport in order to gain access to a room or a location connected to the penitentiary’s prisons and detention centers.
    • On travels: The Danish corona pass app is used as a European corona pass for travel. When you return from a trip abroad, you may be asked to show your corona passport, depending on the country you are traveling from.
    • When required: Traders, private cultural institutions and associations are generally allowed to set stricter requirements for their guests than the law prescribes – for example on corona pass or the use of facemask. However, the rules must not be discriminatory. Read more: Possibility to voluntarily set restrictions (Danish)

Are you exempt from CORONA PASS?

The following persons and areas are excluded for corona pass:

  • Children under 15 years.
  • Persons who can present documentation issued and signed by a municipal citizen service center to be exempt from the covid-19 test requirement.

In addition, exceptions may apply in the individual areas.



Corona Pass:




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