Are you thinking when should I pay attention to the tax this year? Lets talk on the most important dates, so you can relax for rest of the year.

Part 2: Stay tuned to (or), we talk about “What Deductions you must do in E-tax (TastSelv) – DON’T MISS.

January: At the beginning of the year, you do not have to be so active. All that happens is that the tax administration collects information from banks, employers and so on. You can see more and more personal information in your tax folder on, which is updated regularly. February, all the tax calculations will be done.

March: Its important month where your tax assessment notice is ready and available in E-tax (TastSelv). As per, it will be on 15th March (Remember mostly the skat website is very slow to open). The annual statement shows whether your tax payment is suitable, whether you have to pay tax or you may receive excess tax. So, its important to go through your annual statement thoroughly and check if the information is correct. You can view and change your annual statement via E-tax (TastSelv) on and you can see the results of your changes immediately.

April: Refund of overpaid tax, as per it will be on 9th April. Excess money will be deposited in your NemKonto. However, you should be aware that should your excess tax exceed DKK 100,000, it will take a little longer to get the money paid out. If you or your spouse owe money to the government, any excess tax will be used to pay off this debt. If there is still any excess tax left after this, you will receive it. However, the process takes a little longer. This is the month you will receive a printed tax assessment notice by post, if you have been exempt from digital post.

May: Important date, 1st May deadline for making changes to your tax assessment notice, you can correct it in E-tax (TastSelv). Because its important, even if you forgotten something or discovered correction afterwards, you should inform the tax administration in form of written reason why correction was not included in the first place in TastSelv.

July: If you have outstanding tax pay, it need to be done by 1st July. If you are paying your outstanding tax after 1st July, you will pay a fixed interest charge of in between 3.8-4.0% (skat will update soon value). If you have not paid your arrears tax yourself, the arrears tax and the interest charge will be included in your tax for the coming year, however upto max. of approx. DKK 22,000.  If your outstanding tax exceeds approx. DKK 22,000, it will be collected in three installment in August, September and October. Skat will notify you via digital post when it is time to pay the first instalment.

Until year end November, now you can sit back and enjoy the rest of the year without thinking any more about taxes. What’s in November? Its Preliminary Income Assessment (called in Danish: Forskudsopgørelsen). This statement is automatically formed on the basis of previous information and can be seen in your tax (TastSelv) from mid-November. Take some time to look though the preliminary income assessment, its your chance to correct mistakes and misunderstandings or changes in your work situation.


Source: skat, santanderconsumer, borger




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