SUMMER TIME BEGINS…. What is the status of abolishing? 

From today, daylight savings time starts…………simple terms summer time begins!!!

Sunday we have to set the clocks one hour ahead, so that it will be brighter in the evening and a transition a litter later in the morning. The transition to summer time takes place on the night of Sunday at 2.00a.m, where it will change to 3.00a.m. This makes difference in sun rise and set.

Facts and history about Summer time:

  • Summer time was first introduced in Austria and Germany in April 1916.
  • In following month, the system of summer and winter time was introduced in Denmark for the first time in 1916.
  • The purpose was to save energy and thus oil, which was a scarce resource due to the First World War, but did not become permanent until 1980.
  • Winter time is called normal time. This is because summer time is the time when the clock goes wrong compared to if we did not use the scheme.
  • In 1996, the time was the same in all EU countries, so that in all countries it begins on the last Sunday in October and lasts until the last Sunday in March.
  • 70 countries around the world have the system of summer and winter time.

In March2019, the European Parliament voted on whether the member states should abolish the switch between summer and winter time. Here, there was a clear majority to drop the shift from 2021 and at the same time leave it up to the countries themselves whether they will in future let it be summer time or winter time that should apply throughout the year. While 192 voted against, 410 of the EU-Parliament members voted in favor. But that does not mean that the proposal has been finally adopted. It requires that the proposal also gain a majority in the EU Council, and here it is unknown when the Member States’ ministers in the field will vote.


What is the status of abolishing coordinated summer time in the EU?

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In March 2019, a majority in the European Parliament decided that the individual EU countries should decide their position by April 2020. The goal was that the shift between summer and winter time (correctly called normal time) should cease in 2021.

But here in 2021, that has not happened. The Council of Ministers has in fact shown no agreement with the European Parliament. In any case, it has not been possible to reach a common position, and the individual member states are also characterized by divided opinions. The subject is also not on the agenda of the Commission’s most recently revised work program.

If the switch between summer time and normal time is to be abolished, the big question is whether it is summer time or normal time that should be made permanent. In general, there is a concern that a difference in the administration of time zones may mean that a country has a different time zone than the neighboring country. EU member states agree that this would be inappropriate. Several countries have expressed that they prefer to switch to permanent summer time, which, however, has the side effect that we will experience very dark mornings in winter. In Denmark, there has been talk of switching to permanent normal time, but a majority of EU countries are in favor of permanent summer time.




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