The government, together with Alliance, has agreed on a new agreement on Danish citizenship. This tightens the requirements in several areas. Obtaining Danish citizenship is a great declaration of trust from Danish society, the parties to the agreement believe. They therefore agree that it is necessary to tighten the rules for who can become Danish citizens.

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Integration Mattias Tesfaye states: “We have to draw a line in the sand. People who have been imprisoned must not have Danish citizenship. ”

In future, persons who have been sentenced to a conditional or unconditional sentence will therefore be excluded from obtaining Danish citizenship. In the past, people with sentences of less than one year’s unconditional imprisonment have been able to be admitted to a bill on the notification of citizenship after enduring a waiting period.

At the same time, the requirements are tightened for persons who have been fined more than DKK 3,000 for negative social control, for violating the Aliens Act and for social fraud. They will only be able to be admitted on a bill on the notification of citizenship after a waiting period of 6 years.

In addition, it follows from the agreement, among other things:

  • It must be investigated whether it will be possible to expand the area for revocation of Danish citizenship due to crime. It must be ensured that disqualification takes place as far as possible.
  • An employment requirement is introduced. An applicant will, as a rule, have been in ordinary full-time employment or have been self-employed for at least 3 years and 6 months within the last 4 years prior to the time of submitting a bill on the notification of citizenship. In the past, there has been no demand for employment.
  • Five questions about Danish values ​​are added to the citizenship test. There is great agreement among the parties to the agreement that it is crucial that an applicant has adopted Danish values.
  • The Ministry of Immigration and Integration Affairs must within a year present a model for what a system of individual interviews with the applicants will look like.
  • If there is a sharp increase in the number of applications for Danish citizenship from applicants outside Europe, the government undertakes to convene the parties to the agreement. The parties will here assess whether there is a need to change the current rules.
  • In future, bills on the notification of citizenship will be divided into groups according to the country in which the applicant is a citizen, so you can see how many applicants there are from the following groups: ‘Nordic countries’,’ other western countries’, ‘MENAP countries and Turkey ‘and’ other non-western countries’. The information already appears in the bills, but the applicants appear today in alphabetical order.

More details about citizenship agreement: HERE (Danish)

Source: uim.dk



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