Whole of Denmark with One Ticket – 399kr only with Travel Pass!!! Last sale date is 1st August!!!

Travel freely by public transport for 8 consecutive days from 26th June to 8th August. A total of 100,000 Travel Passes (Rejsepas) for sale. Last sale date is 1st August.

You can travel with Arriva, BAR (Bornholm), DOT, DSB, FynBus, Metro, Midttrafik incl. Letbanen, Movia, Nordjyllands Trafikselskab (NT) og Sydtrafik.


Adults (over 15 years): DKK 399.

Children (12-15 years): DKK 199.

Children under 12: You can take two children under 12 for free with pr. paying adult

Main Points:

TICKETS BOOKING LINK: https://www.dsb.dk/kampagner/rejsepass/

Travel Pass is valid in collaboration between the following transport companies

Question and Answers:

Can I change or have my Travel Passport exchanged if I bought it on the wrong date?

No, it is not possible to change or exchange your Travel Passport. It is not possible to change the travel date or change the name on the Travel Passport.

Can I change or have my Travel Passport exchanged if I have bought for the wrong number of people?

No, it is not possible to change or exchange your Travel Passport. It is also not possible to change the travel date or change the name on the Travel Passport

Do I have to travel with those I buy Passports for?

Yes, if you have bought several tickets in one purchase with the same print-yourself ID, then you must travel together, as the tickets must be able to be presented with the selected print-yourself ID. If you want to travel separately, you must buy one Travel Pass per. person with each your print-yourself ID.

Can my travel passport be refunded?

No, you cannot get your Travel Passport refunded, as the Travel Passport is an extraordinary summer offer that is sold at an extremely favorable price.

How long is my Travel Passport valid?

Your Travel Pass is valid for 8 consecutive days during the period for which you purchased your Travel Pass.

Does my Travel Pass to Bornholm apply?

Your Travel Pass is valid for travel locally on Bornholm by public transport, but the Travel Pass is not valid for travel across the Øresund, in Sweden, to the Bornholm Bus or with the Bornholm Line. Therefore, you need to buy a separate ticket for that part of the trip.

Can you take your bike on DSB’s train buses during the track work periods?

No, it is unfortunately not possible to take your bike on DSB’s train buses.

Can I take my bike on the train?

Yes, you can take your bike on the train. Want you to take your bike on the InterCity, InterCityLyn- and regional need to buy a bike ticket. In InterCity and InterCityLyn trains, you must also have a bicycle seat ticket. You cannot reserve a place for your bike in the regional train and the S-train, here the first-come, first-served principle applies, so leave well in advance, for example if you need to reach a ferry departure. More details: https://www.dsb.dk/find-produkter-og-services/cykelbillet/cykelbillet-til-fjern-og-regionaltog/

Can I buy a DSB 1 ‘supplement for Travel Pass (Rejsepas)?

No. If you want to travel on DSB 1 ‘, you must buy a standard ticket with a DSB 1’ supplement.

Why are there space requirements in DSB’s trains?

Read more about our initiatives in connection with. corona here: https://www.dsb.dk/coronavirus/

Where do I need a seat ticket?

You must have a seat ticket when you travel with InterCity, InterCityLyn and regional trains (incl. The Coastal and Øresund line). More details: https://www.dsb.dk/coronavirus/pladskrav/

How do we ensure that we get seat tickets in the same place when we travel several together?

You must order the desired number of seat tickets in one purchase. However, DSB cannot guarantee that you can sit together if you travel a lot.

Can I use the Travel Time Guarantee when I travel on Travel Pass (Rejsepas)?

Yes, Rejsepas is covered by the Basis Travel Time Guarantee in the event of delays and compensation is calculated in relation to the daily price (i.e. 1/8 part of the Travel Pass price), cf. the general percentages of DSB Basis Travel Time Guarantee. It is only possible to get cash compensation – not the Travel Time Guarantee Ticket. Remember documentation in the form of a seat ticket. More details: https://www.dsb.dk/find-produkter-og-services/dsb-rejsetidsgaranti/dsb-basis-rejsetidsgaranti/

How do I combine a disability / companion ticket with a Travel Pass?

If you normally travel on a Handicap / Companion Ticket, you must purchase a Travel Pass for ‘Child (12-15 years)’. If you have a companion with you, the companion can also buy a Travel Pass for ‘Child (12-15 years)’, and you must travel together.

Can I use my Travel Pass for Plustur?

No, Travel Passes do not apply to trips with Plustur.

Why can’t I buy Travel Passes for weeks other than 26-31?

The travel pass is intended as a summer holiday product for tourists who want to experience Denmark by public transport, and is therefore only sold during the schools’ summer holidays.

Why are there only 100,000 Travel Passes for sale?

The travel pass is an extraordinary summer holiday offer, and since there is no unlimited space in public transport, we have chosen to make a limited offer of 100,000 pieces.

Where is there track work?

You can read more about stretches with track work during the summer period here: https://www.dsb.dk/trafikinformation/

Where can I get help to buy my Travel Passport?

It is possible to get help to buy your Travel Passport on the set up customer PCs at Sales & Service at Copenhagen Central Station, Aarhus Central Station and at Odense Railway Station. It requires a debit card and NemID, where the latter must be set up for online purchases in advance.

If you have any questions, you can contact DSB Customer Service on 70 13 14 15 or write to us at dsb.dk/skriv , however, expect processing time. Please note that Travel Passes cannot be purchased over the phone.

If your inquiry concerns journeys that are not made with DSB, you must contact the relevant transport company with which you are to travel.

Source: dsb.dk



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