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How to get it? Now you can book your remaining holiday money (feriepenge)

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Good News!!!…. Last round of frozen holiday pay can be paid from the end of this month, according to the Ministry of Employment (Danish: Beskæftigelsesministeriet) as per the press release today.

As government discussed on December last year to boost Danish economy and pay frozen holiday. Now, the last round of the frozen holiday pay can be paid as early as the end of March.

If you chose not to have your money paid out in the first instance, you can now instead get paid out all five weeks of frozen money this spring.   

In a few weeks, the country’s employees can order the last weeks’ frozen holiday funds. A majority in the Folketing has now voted in favor of the law, which makes it possible to get the money soon.” 

You can check the link to see your holiday funds earned. It is your employer who has stated your holiday funds, and it is a good idea to check whether the correct amount has been stated. If you have previously been paid any of the holiday funds, you can also see how many holiday funds you have left

Press release details:


Dated 02-12-2020: Today Government and its support parties and conservatives have agreed on an agreement that will help give the Danish Economy a solid boost coming year 2021. So, agreement is part of 2021 Finance Act.

Many Danes have already been paid the first three weeks of holiday funds in recent months.

Important notes:
– The holiday pay is to be paid out at the end of March next year.
– The payout will be voluntary and taxed as ordinary income . It will not result in deductions in income transfers.
– If you have not ordered your money, then you can safely leave it and possibly only get it paid out when you retire.


What to check how much money you can expect to get released if you want the last two weeks paid out, check below any of the links. Note that the amount stated by the calculator is indicative. You have to pay tax on the amount. 

Link 1 (Danish): here

Link 2 (Danish): here 

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