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Nordjylland (North Denmark)

Midtjylland (Central Denmark)

Syddanmark (Southern Denmark)

Sjælland (Zealand)

Hovedstaden (Capital Region)


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Denmark Some Quick Facts

42,951.1 km2 is the size of Denmark and 22nd smallest in Europe

Most Danes speak English very well.

Denmark was the first country to appoint a Tech Ambassador.

The highest point in Denmark is 172,54 m i.e, 566 feet the hill Yding Skovhøj, Skanderborg above sea level.

Denmark’s Constitution Day is 5 June

Denmark’s National Bird is “Swan”

Denmark is the oldest, continuously used national flag in the world. Denmark it is know as “Danish cloth” or “Dannebrog”

Danes have a special word “hygge”, describing the cozy feeling yourself or being together with other people

Denmark has been part of the EU since 1973

Denmark is the world’s best in digital governance

Denmark always wait for the green light – also if no cars or bikes are around

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